My name’s Max Kruse and I’m a photographer, director and creative based out of Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve had a passion for capturing stills since a young age. Fascinated by the ability to witness a moment in the flesh, capture it; and replay it over and over again, I think there’s something truly magical about that.

Whilst growing up, I was inspired by photojournalist who travelled the world in pursuit of exotic places and foreign faces. Now, my love for the unknown and the adventure that follows has become the main source of my inspiration. I set out in encapsulating the harmony between man and nature, exploring what the world has to offer whilst creating a sense of breaking free from the daily grind. 

During the course of my career, I’ve worked with numerous local businesses and big international brands alike. My diverse portfolio allows me to be thrown into any job, always resulting in first class imagery. 

I’m also the founder and Creative Director of Tekni Creative, a digital & production agency, as well as Man of Style, one of Australia’s leading menswear publications.

Available for collaborative projects, commission and corporate work throughout all of Australia and worldwide.

Take time to drop me a line, I don’t bite.

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